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Music swelled from the record player and a puff of cigarette smoke drifted across the room. It was quite dark inside. The walls were painted dark red; the ceiling black and the windows were obscured by heavy drapes.

    A woman was slumped in an armchair; perfectly still save for the rhythmic movement of the cigarette to her lips. He’s coming, she thought, and flicked ash onto the plush carpet. He’s coming, not Pete, the other one. He’s coming and he’ll take me away.

    She didn’t want to go. She didn’t know what she wanted, only that it was too late to have any of it. There was wine on her dress and all the gems had chipped off her fingernails. Her lipstick was still perfect, she realised with a bitter smile, taking another long drag on the cigarette.

    The music grew louder. The turntable was old, but the quality was decent. The previous owner of this room had taken care of his possessions. She didn’t like this song. It was slow and solemn, like a funeral dirge. It mirrored how she felt, and that infuriated her. He would be here soon. The other one. Full of bluster and arrogance and when he found her, blind fury.

    ‘I love you, Pete,’ the woman said, rising from her chair and dropping the cigarette into an ashtray. ‘Don’t let him take me.’

    Pete made no response. He would be cold, she reflected, now all his blood had leaked out onto the carpet. She wondered whether he could feel the bullet in his gut, and tried to imagine having her face crushed against the stained rug. She hoped when her turn came, it would be more elegant.

    The song ended. She hadn’t liked it, but she hated the silence even more. It was what came afterwards. Pete was quiet, and they had been going to be together forever.

    She wanted a drink. There was a bottle of something in the glass-fronted cabinet. It left a foul taste in her mouth, like every promise she’d made, but she drained it and wiped her hands on her dress. He was coming

    The door opened.

    ‘I loved him,’ she said. 

This Wasn't Supposed To Be Like This
And by that title, I mean in my creative writing class we were given this song as a prompt. I can't remember the name or artist only that it was a kind of love song, only there was another man that was coming to 'take' the singer, and she didn't want to go with him.

Anyway. Death crept in. 

The goodness in the world taught me

to smile at strangers in the street

Instead I walk by, eyes glued to the pavement

Telling myself if I don't acknowledge the words leered in my direction

they won't be said to me

Every time a man looks longer than he should

I shrink into myself, praying for invisibility

What sort of world is it, when something as casual as a smile

becomes an invitation, a target painted on my chest

I am sixteen

I dress how I like

I think what I want

But I keep my head down

in public
I'm sure there are people out there who make New Years' Resolutions and keep them, but I haven't met any, unless their resolution was something they wanted to do and not something that would make them a better person.

Here's my strategy, as put into words by Bill Watterson:

also my journal is seriously full of random stuff. Mostly fangirling, thought


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Helloo. I'm some random British teenage girl sitting at her computer procrastinating for hours on end. (I call it writing - I don't think my parents believe me).

I actually HAVE watchers now. Not a lot but a subsequent amount. I don't know what they +watched me for; writing, manips, photography or whatever other shizz I upload XD

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